Thursday, January 10, 2002

You guys are going to love this. It's the Image Metadata AGgregator for Enhanced Searching. I guess they like to call it IMAGES for short. Cute huh? They've got thousands of images online!

They've got World War I and II posters, African-American Book Illustrations, photographs from the Charles Babbage Institute and even images of backdrops used in theatre productions!

I found a bunch of photographs from Burroughs Corporation, a company I used to work for.

It was exciting times getting the LED readout working on one of these for the City of Waltham Receipting Solution! Those were the days.

This product was so far ahead of it's time, it makes me sick to think how inept marketing destined this multi-user multi-tasking marvel from Convergent Technologies to the trash heap of computing history. And don't get me started on, dex, the first fax machine.

Paper Tape Reader
Ah, I remember the days when working at Burroughs meant living through the history of computing. We used to load programs using paper tape. We had this set up in the Boston Thrift Branch, which we lovingly referred to as the office in the Burger King Building, where we supported the roll of paper tape with a cigarette stand and a pencil. Then we had the teller terminal's data controller, read in the tape. If it ripped, we were mad because that meant a ride out to Lexington to punch another paper tape off the old Medium system. We learned to punch two tapes and then we happy when we got to use Mylar tape. It didn't rip.

Oh yeah. On-line real time transactions. Well, not really real time, but we did store and forward all the info over to the data center. ATM's were cool and exciting back then. Hmmm… I wonder where all the Burroughs ATM's are, probably with the B20's.

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