Thursday, January 10, 2002

There's a FREEosk in the Jamaica Plain Store24!

I couldn't get near it, make that didn't want to get near it, because there was a big fat guy sitting at it eating ice cream.

I got near it. The big fat guy was gone when I went back. The seat is broken. He probably exceeded the weight limit.

On closer examination you can send an email or a video mail using this free kiosk. So I went ahead and recorded a video. As you'll see, the interface is bad because you don't know when the recording starts or stops. So what we have here is me, sitting in a Store24, making a video while people in the background are buying Doritos, Lottery Tickets, Cigarettes, and Newspapers. Please don't feel like you have to watch the whole video, if you stay with it though, you'll see a guy in a blue jacket in the process of leaving the store.

It's really not even worth looking at, but I guess it means I have my own web cam now! Maybe I'll join a HOT GUY! web cam ring.

Maybe not.

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