Thursday, January 10, 2002

Leaving AOL - Part 5:
How to make Outlook Express 5.5 say "You've Got Mail" when New Mail Arrives

To Play a Sound when new mail arrives
Note: If Outlook Express 5.5 already makes a sound when new mail arrives, you can skip this step.
Click the TOOLS menu.
Select OPTIONS...
Click on the GENERAL tab.
Under Send / Receive Messages, Check the box for "Play sound when new messages arrive".
Click OK

To change the sound to "You've Got Mail".
Click the START menu for your version of windows.
Choose SOUNDS.
A sound properties dialog box will open.
Under WINDOWS, SELECT "New Mail Notification".
In the Sound area under Name: enter the location of the "You've Got Mail" WAV file as: C:\WINDOWS\AOLSHARE\sounds\US\Default\gotmail.wav or browse for it's location on your system.

If you've completed all these steps and it doesn't seem to work, you might just have to exit out of Outlook Express 5.5 and restart it.

Now You've Got Mail!

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