Tuesday, June 29, 2004

DHL: Not Cool

Remember how I liked FedEx InterNet Ship?


Oh, well I liked it. NOw I had to ship something via DHL today and wanted to use their Internet ship method.

I signed ujp on their website and then tried to ship a package.


You can only ship a package using their web interface if you are at the billing location.

Well I wasn't. So I couldn't. D'oh.

So I drove over to Brookline and dropped off my two packages at a drop off box.

Later on I check the status on the web. One package gave the pickup time and the other package had a message, "No status available. Please contact us."

Hmm. That didn't look good.

So I called over to DHL and had to read all the shipping info to them over the phone.

After doing that I was told that there wouldn't be a problem with the packages and to check back in the morning.


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