Thursday, June 17, 2004

Kirsten Malone

Kirsten Malone was a 26 year old active member of the punk rock community in Boston. She was a Mass Art graduate, photography major. She was previously in The Statue Factor, and was most recently in The Faux.

She was hit by a car saturday around 9 AM while on her bike near the Cambridge street footbrige to lower Allston.

She passed away yesterday at MGH due to extensive head injuries.

From the Honeypump Message Board Thread
She was an exceptionally wonderful, talented and sweet girl and will be missed. This Saturday June 19th at 10:00AM people will be bringing flowers and meeting at the spot where she was struck. Whether or not you can make it please remember that wearing a helmet may have prevented her death so do take care.
From today's Boston Globe, Kirsten Malone, 29; artist, 'The Faux' singer, keyboardist:
''She was an awesome aunt to my children," said her sister, Candace Waldee, of Marietta, Ga., whose children are 2, 5, 7. ''She would come by and play non-stop -- pretend and dress-up games, stuff most adults wouldn't play. My kids didn't consider Aunt Kirsten a grown-up. They didn't understand that concept."
One of Kirsten's art projects.

Jess Kelly of WZBC, 90.3 FM in Boston, says:
My show today, 3-5 PM, is dedicated to her, and I've advertised it a bit as a call-in kinda thing, where her friends can request her favorite bands in her honor.

I'm asking you to please witness a small piece of this girl's talent, and tune in at 4 pm. I'm going to play The Faux's EP all the way through. (they are organ-driven no-wave-ish, she played keys.) It's truly epic. (I'm trying to get my hands on her older band's work, and if i can, i'll play them all the way through as well) I'll also be playing bike safety PSA's, as this tragedy might have been prevented if she had been wearing a helmet.

This will be a moment of "silence" type of thing. I'm asking all her friends and fans to tune in and blast the station in her memory during her songs.

Bad things happen to good people, and boston will not be quite the same.

DJ Jess Kelly
Thurs Rock 4
I would have met Kirsten, for the first time, on Saturday afternoon.

She didn't show up.

I feel the loss of never having known her.

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