Friday, June 18, 2004

It's Just Not Right!

FedEx Website
FedEx InterNETship doesn't work unless you disable your pop-up blocker.
There is a message at the bottom of the page telling you not to press [ SUBMIT ] more than once, but no warning about disabling pop-ups.

I told the person on the phone at FedEx and she agreed that it would be nice to have that warning on the page.

We should see that page updated soon. ;-)

Apple PowerBook G4 Portable Power Adapter
The Apple PowerBook G4 Portable Power Adapter is expensive, $79. The picture on the box shows the 'brick' part of the power supply but not the included cables. There isn't even a 'contents of the box' listing on the outside of the box. I told the cashier and she didn't seem to care that much.

Apple mini iPod
You've got to call the Apple store every day to see if mini iPods are in stock, and then get your name on a list if you plan on going in to get one that day. I asked if there was a way that they could just put my name on a list and email me when one comes in.

They said it was too much work to maintain a list like that. Hmm. Seems like poor customer service to me. Should be easy enough to maintain a list of people's names and email addresses. They are a computer store.

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