Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Micro Machines

Micro Machines is my video for Day Four of Video Blogging Week.

It's quite an effort to put together a video every day. For this one I filmed what was going on at work, since I've been there all day, every day of the week so far.

To produce this video I filmed it, captured it to my Mac, brought it into Final Cut Pro, added some music and then exported it. Next up I loaded it into Sorenson Squeeze and compressesd it for web delivery. After that I created an HTML page to host the video, FTP'd the video and the HTML file to my hosting site, and then created a new entry in my video blog, using TypePad, to link to the HTML page.

I'm going to look into a new process that includes making a poster movie in QuickTime and only loading the video when the user clicks the poster movie. That'll reduce my steps by taking out the HTML page creation step.

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