Tuesday, February 01, 2005

NPR: Personal Radio Via Podcasting

At the Boston Weblogger's Meet Up last night, fellow Boston bloggers told me that they had listened to an NPR show about podcasting on their way into the meeting.

Here's the details:

Personal Radio Via Podcasting Grows More Popular
by Nathan Santamaria

All Things Considered, January 31, 2005 · Adam Curry, the former MTV VJ, is the star of a new broadcasting medium. His show, Daily Source Code, claims some 50,000 listeners -- but can't be heard on the traditional airwaves. Instead, it's a podcast, so-called because it's delivered via the Internet directly to iPods and other personal listening devices.

The podcast pushes the range of personal online rantings to something close to an international radio broadcast. And as NPR's Nathan Santamaria reports, the quality is low, but the hopes are high.

You can listen online.

They have selected podcasts on the sidebar.

I like this note:

The Dawn and Drew Show (Note: Adult Content May be Offensive to Some Listeners)

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