Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Some Definitions

I'm looking into using's facility to change the cname record on a client's domain to point to their new blog.

In addition to that, they want to have emails that are sent to their domain name, forwarded to their existing email accounts.

It looks like is going to charge them $99/year to support multiple email accounts.

Is it possible to use the mx record to use another host for email forwarding?

Some definitions:

A Domain Alias, which is specified in the C Name section of a zone file, is an extension to a domain name which allows you to create derivatives of the domain that can be pointed to the same or any other domain name on the Internet. An example of a Domain Alias is, where "www" functions as the Domain Alias and accesses the same Web site as

C Name
A C Name, also known as a "canonical name" or "Domain Alias," is the section in a domain name's zone file that specifies whether a subset of the domain name should point to the same or another domain name (location) on the Internet. An example of a C Name is

MX Record
An MX record, or Mail Exchange record, is a section of a domain name's zone file (a Name Server entry for a domain name) whose entries specify the mail server(s) on the Internet responsible for email services for a specific domain name.

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