Thursday, July 23, 2009

I took the iPhone 3GS version of autostitch on Vacation

I took the iPhone 3GS version of autostitch on vacation.

Autostitch lets you take multiple photos and stitch them together as one big image. All y ou do is take multiple photos, and autostitch figures out how to merge them together. Once merged, you can crop out the rough edges.

This image was made up of four original images.

Chatham Dock and Boat

As you can see on the right hand side, the guy in the blue shirt moved between takes.

Tip: When emailing in photos to flickr from your iPhone, copy the image and paste it into an email by hand instead of mailing in the photo from the photo library. If you do that, it'll be resized. Copying nad Pasting it into an email yourself, retains the images size.

This next one of Chatham beach is made up of five images, stitched together.

Chatham Beach Panorama

Finaly, this image of Chatham Lighthouse is made up of four images, but I did not crop it. The automatic framing of the crop would have cut out the top of the lighthouse.

Chatham Light iPhone 3GS autostitch panorama

This image lets you see how autostitch melds the images together. Rather than moving the camera from left to right while taking this photo, I placed the bottom left side of the iphone's base on a fence. Then I twisted the iPhone, keeping the lens in the same vertical axis.

Note: Click on any of the images to view them on flickr. Then click 'all sizes' and select 'Large' or 'Original' to see a larger size.
If you have any tips to share on takign photos with autostitch, leave them in the comments.

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  1. I love Autostitch! I used Calico for a long time with photos from my own phone. Autostitch on the iPhone works as well as Calico on the desktop. It is amazing.

    Your email paste in tip is great, never heard that before. I finally began using Mobile Fotos, it uploads, full rez and will batch upload to other places as well. Fine app, I recommend it. And I did this one with it.