Thursday, July 09, 2009

Announcing My Investment in Qik


Qik announces new financing:
"Qik is pleased to announce that we have closed another round of funding, comprised of investments from Quest Venture Partners, CampVentures, and strategic individuals. A total of $5.5 million has been raised to continue Qik's growth."
That makes me a strategic individual. :-)

As you know, I've been working very closely with Qik since they first hit the market. From the start, the whole team at Qik has been very responsive to my new feature suggestions.

When I was covering the US Persidential primary in New Hampshire with a Nokia N95, they saw my coverage and sent me an N95-3 so I could stream in 3G.

At one point I told them that I would stop using Qik if there was the possibility that my streaming video would be lost. They fixed that.

I've met the Qik team and presented with Bhaskar Roy at the SXSW and Streaming Media conferences.

As someone who is always looking at new technology and working to demystify the process of putting video on the web, I'm a big fan of Qik's live streaming techology which lets you broadcast live video with the push of a button.

A appreciate the opportunity to participate in this new round of funding and look forward to seeing Qik released on new platforms.

Check out my user page on Qik for examples of how I use it.


  1. congratulations buddy, wise move!

  2. I agree it is a wise move. Congrats!

    I have been holding off from purchasing an iPhone because there haven't been any announcements regarding the QIK app.

    Does this mean one is about to be released?

    If not yet... how can I become an investor? ;)