Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Kodak Zi8 has a Microphone Jack

Jenny just posted about the new Kodak Zi8 over on the Kodak blog.

She's reposted the video we shot at the 140 Conference in New York when she gave me a sneak peak at the camera. The previous version of the video bleeped out the audio when I talked about all the new features

Now I can talk about them!

Mic Jack, 1080p, Image Stabilization
The Kodak Zi8 has an external microphone jack, 1080p video capture and image stabilization. Very exciting. I hear the the mic jack records from connected mics in stereo. I'm looking forward to testing it out with my Sennheiser wireless lav mic and my shotgun mic.

The mic jack could be the biggest selling feature of this new version of hte Zi6.

The Zi8 also features an easy to view 2.5 inch LCD screen, SD card slot and removable lithium-ion batteries. Those are feautures that some of the competing ultracompact cameras do not have.

You can pre-order the Zi8 on Amazon:

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  1. Ooooh, I may have found my next camera if it's got a wide angle lens!