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Thursday, July 30, 2009

VoloMedia Patents Podcasting. What's Next?

Yesterday VoloMedia annonced that they had patented Podcasting.
Our company, VoloMedia, was awarded U.S. Patent 7,568,213 titled "Method for Providing Episodic Media"
The tech community responcded.

Ars Technica: Podcasting patented! VoloMedia claims major tech patent

Dave Winer: Did VoloMedia invent Podcasting?

Volomedia also announced that it has tweleve more patents in process:
"VoloMedia has filed a dozen U.S. patent applications since 2003. Patent no. 7,568,213 is the first in the pipeline to issue. We expect the others to follow suit."
What could be next?

1. BBS - Bulletin Board System
Any sytem that allows people to have a converstion on the internet. This includes messaging systems such as forums. Early tests included live chats on street corners, offices and coffee shops.

2. Blog - Web Log
Anything written on the internet with permlinks. Early experiments with this include pasting up flyers in our neighborhood with those little tear off sheets that include but are not limited to words and numbers.

3. Broadband
Any system that allows faster transmission of data than a modem. Early tests with carrier pigeons were the first to show that technology could be used to transfer messages faster than by horseback.

4. Cookie
Commonly used methods to save user information. Also, a consumable food item. Early tests included putting these so-called cookie in lunchboxes of small children with notes from home.

5. Domain Name
A web addressing methodolgy that allows people to travel the network to find destinations. Early tests of this technology included designing road maps, telephone directories and TV guides.

6. Email
Messages that are sent from one person to another. Early designs for this included prototyping the postal mail service system for a very small island in Greece, which was used to become the basis for a very popular movie.

7. Host
Any computer that provides services to users. This also relates to early testing with BBS.

8. Hypertext
When you click on a link other information is displayed to you are sent to another web address. Experimentation for this 'linking' included the design of Chapters and Indexing in book form.

9. Login
The process of gaining access to a site with username and password. Experiments with logging in included the now commonplace procedure of announcing your name when using the telephone.

10. Open Source Software
Software that is open to programmers to use, enhance, and add too, without cost. Initial testing of the 'Open' methodology was undertaken in the 60's in San Francisco with experiments in Love, Drugs and Speech.

11. Radio
The broadcast of audio transmissions over the airwaves. Testing was initiated from off shore boats which delivered music to the shore. Early transmissions included J. Geils, The Cars and Journey. 'Don't Stop Believin' was first broadcast from our off shore facility.

12. Video
Encoding, delivery and display of images via any means now known or that will be invented in the future. Early work was completed on paper sketches on a train from San Francisco to Los Angeles and included images of a rat driving a steamboat.

Images: Flickr - The Commons


  1. SMS / Text Messaging
    Messages that are sent from one person to another via mobile phones. Early designs for this included sending notes in class, sometimes via paper airplanes.

  2. @Joselin Great addition! Thanks!