Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BlogWorld Expo LA - Steve Garfield And Jeff Cutler

Join us at BlogWorld Expo LA- November 3 - 5 2011
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My Video Toolkit for Getting Seen on Social Media Outposts - Steve Garfield
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM - Fri. Nov. 4th Room 409 A
Sharing stories with video doesn’t have to be hard. In this session I’ll share tools and techniques that anyone can use to post video to the most popular social media outposts including GooglePlus (G+), YouTube, twitter and Facebook. We’ll cover: Using the camera you have The new Flip – New cameras to consider How to record and share the best quality video and audio Can you shoot video with a Beginning, an End and No Middle? Don’t edit – Live streaming and one take recording How to get your video seen in Google searches and Social Media Sites Key Points 1. You don't need $8,100 to get started in web video 2. Video techniques will last you a lifetime 3. Get Seen by sharing
Content Curation: New tools, new opportunities and new situations to consider - Jeff Cutler and Kate Brodock @Just_Kate
2:45 PM to 3:30 PM - Thu. Nov. 3rd Room Petree Hall D
Whether you’re a blogger, a business or a journalist, curating content has become much easier in the past several years. This is not only due to the quantity of available data and information out there for you to draw on, but also because of new tools that make curating and aggregating that data quick and simple. This situation is hugely beneficial to those of us with any sort of content production need, and can make the process of storytelling much richer for our audiences. But with tweets, quotes, videos and links being pulled together in a matter of minutes, and published in just minutes more, there comes a host of new problems associated with “quick click” and a need to focus on responsible curating. In this panel, we’ll highlight several new tools being used to curate content, and have a frank discussion about how these tools can best fit into your content production program. Key Points 1. An overview of some of the new tools available for content curation. 2. The difficulties associated with being able to curate so easily. 3. How to best think about content curation tools within your content production programs.

  Tim Street - International Academy of Web Television

  CC Chapman - SXSW Kills the Magic?

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  1. I'm saving up so that I DO have $8100 to start my video projects. Thanks for spurring me to do this video with you. We should do the Carol and Steve and Jeff Show. #chemistry