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Sunday, September 30, 2012

68 Percent of Massachusetts Voters Support Death With Dignity

In this Boston Globe article the authors use the opposition's terminology to describe QUESTION 2: Prescribing Medication to End Life, Elizabeth Warren appears to inch ahead of Scott Brown in new Globe poll, 43 - 38:
The Globe poll also shows strong support for two state ballot questions, which require more than 50 percent approval to pass. A full 68 percent of voters, including a majority in both parties, said they support a voter initiative that would make physician-assisted suicide legal for terminally ill patients, compared with 20 percent of respondents who said they ­oppose the measure. Likewise, 69 percent of voters in the poll said they support a measure to make marijuana legal for medical use. That question also registered bipartisan support.
The Globe reporters refer to the ballot question as physician-assisted suicide.

That's not right.

In yesterday's Globe opinion piece, A method for dying with dignity, by Marcia Angell, she says:
This is not a matter of life versus death, but about the timing and manner of an inevitable death. That is why many prefer the term “physician-assisted dying” to “physician-assisted suicide.” In the usual suicide someone with a normal life expectancy chooses death over life. Terminally ill patients don’t have that choice.
Taking a look at the State's Voter Information page, we can see that calling death with dignity physician-assisted suicide is just wrong.

Elections: 2012 Information For Voters. Question 2
Image: Elections: 2012 Information For Voters. Question 2

QUESTION 2: Law Proposed by Initiative Petition

Prescribing Medication to End Life

No where in the question's summary does it refer to suicide.

Only in the Against argument does suicide show up:
AGAINST: Question 2 restricts patients’ choices and control by enabling suicide as a substitute for quality health care.
I'd like to see a correction.

1 comment:

  1. I am not sure how crazy I am about people taking their lives but the type of person that likes nature to take its course.

    On the other side in the U.S. so many painkillers and options are blocked to patients where there last few days could be experienced in more comfort if these drugs are administered I do understand why I terminally ill patient going through pain might rather just let go.