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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Twitter Profile Page: See it on TODAY (@todayshow) on Twitter

Today Show story: Twitter profiles get a makeover

Twitter official announcement.

Facebook-like image at the top.

I haven't seen it on my page yet. Did you get the new profile page?

Matt Lauer has it.

Ha! Ryan Seacrest has it:

Ryan Seacrest (RyanSeacrest) on Twitter


(1) Breaking News (BreakingNews) on Twitter

Let me know in the comments.


Still rolling out.

For now it seems that you can add a new header on mobile apps:


Got it!

To see if you've got it, go to twitter, click settings, design.

Twitter: Change Header

I've got to go check on some boiling water in the kitchen, so here's a quick upload for my new header.

Steve Garfield (stevegarfield) on Twitter

See it at @stevegarfield



When you choose a photo to be your background image, choose one where the lower half is dark, so that hte text shows u.

For the iPhone Twitter App, that doesn't matter as much since the display of your header is show on two pages.

The same header image is shown on each page, but when page two is displayed, the image is darkened so that the text shows up.

Image: Twitter App Banner Display - Page 1

Image: Twitter App Banner Display - Page 2

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