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Thursday, September 27, 2012

I used iOS 6 maps to get from Peabody, MA to Boston. It worked great.

I used iOS 6 maps to get from Peabody, MA to Boston. It worked great. I plugged the iPhone into my car stereo AUX port, and had the Maps app guide me while i listened to music.

Just like in an embeded car nav system, the music level was reduced when the navigation instructions were read.

I did think that the speaker was a little soft before plugging into my car's AUX port.

Since I was driving I didn't turn on the alternate views until I got to stop lights in the city.

They maps look great, and on this trip, it got me to where I wanted to go without error.

David Pogue didn't have the same experience: A Map App, as Sleek as iPhone 5, Is Often Off

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  1. I haven't found a problem with the directions on iOS6 maps, but other things annoy me. The previous Google maps were static on the phone, allowing me to rotate the screen so I could orient the map to the direction I was facing. If I turn the phone now, the screen will rotate as well, so it's always pointing north.

    Additionally, the new maps aren't very good at using local info. I was looking at some real estate postings in the window of an RE office and wondering where a particular road is in JP. The map kept trying to show me a road with the same name... in Michigan.

    It's not a terrible app, but I'm glad you were able to successfully work the directions!

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Kate - You can use two fingers to rotate the screen anyway direction you want without turning the phone around.