Saturday, September 15, 2012

Adding Social Sharing to my Blog with ShareThis

I'm adding Social Sharing to my Blogger Blog with ShareThis.

I don't want to go too crazy with this, but I want to have the popular social sites at the bottom of each post to allow easy sharing.

I've chosen:

Twitter, FB, G+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Email, and ShareThis.

I left ShareThis in there since they are the ones giving me this feature for free.

Also, I wanted to allow frictionless sharing, so that when you click the button, you're sent to the standard interface of the site that you want to share on.

I don't want any added sign ups or steps.

Works for you?


  1. Works for me - well I think it does, I'll have to use it to share to really find out. But I love the idea. It's a great way to get more buzz and readers for your media. Good work.

  2. Thanks for trying it out Jeff and for commenting too!

  3. I think, you've omitted 3 imp. sites namely: Tumblr, Reddit & Weheartit. They're effective and usually attract new visitors to blogs!!