Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

My Mom Is Awesome

My Parents Were Awesome

Mom and Dad

Wedding Toast

My mom and me back in the Mad Men days

Millie and Steve

My mom started blogging in 2003. She's one of the internet's oldest bloggers.

BlogHer July 28, 2006

Patrick, Robert and Millie
With Robert Scoble

Zadi Diaz, Melanie Morgan and bloggers to be named later
With Zadi Diaz and Amanda Congdon

The Bold and the Beautiful
With Dan McVicer

Meeting fellow Elderblogger Ronni Bennett June 14, 2007
Ronni Bennett and Millie Garfield

Podcamp Boston 2 October 27, 2007


Chris and Millie
With Chris Brogan

Millie and CC
With CC Chapman

My mom is a videoblogger with her I Can't Open It series of videos.
I Can't Open It VIII

Mom at Video on the Net
Millie, Steve and Kathryn on TV

I assembled a book of posts from her blog, My Mom's Blog:

My Mom's Blog - The Book - Front Cover

Millie Garfield - 82 Year Old Blogger
On ABC News

Mom interviewed for NECN
On NECN with Ally Donnelly

My mom got in the YouTube book of video and I didn't!

15 Minutes of Fame

Mom and me at Brooksby Village

Steve and Millie at Brooksby Village

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