Wednesday, May 08, 2013

[Video] DEAD GIVEAWAY - Hero Charles Ramsey Songified!

By Auto-Tune the News Guys, The Gregory Brothers:
The Gregory Brothers have generally produced a mixture of both political and non-political videos. The Auto-Tune the News series has continued to focus primarily on political material, while many of the non-political videos have been given the new branding Songify This.

I knew somethin was wrong when a
little pretty white girl
ran into a black man's arms

dead giveaway, dead giveaway
my neighbor got big testicles
cause we see this dude everyday
we eat ribs with this dude,
but we didn't have a clue
that that girl was in that house,
she said please help me get out

so I opened the door, we can't get in that way
a body can't fit through the door, only your hand
so we kick-kicked the bottom,
and she comes out, and she says
it's some more girls up in that house
call 911 and they caught him
at mcdonald's

I knew somethin was wrong when a
little pretty white girl
ran into a black man's arms

Note: Charles says "we" in the interview. Looking for news on who else was with him when he tried to open the door.

Update: A neighbor was also there - [Video] Anderson Cooper Interviews Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey

Update 2:

Another Man, Angel Cordero, helped free missing Cleveland women Berry, DeJesus and Knight: 'I did what had to be done':
Now-Internet sensation Charles Ramsey was not the only person to help break down the door of a Seymour Avenue house, freeing three missing women.

“I helped her and I was first,” Angel Cordero told NewsChannel5’s Stephanie Ramirez in Spanish.

On Monday, Ramsey, Cordero and other neighbors in a west side neighborhood of Cleveland helped Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight escape. The women had disappeared in separate cases about a decade ago.

Ramsey arrived after she was outside with the girl,” Cordero said. “But the truth who arrived there, who crossed the street, who came and broke the door, it was me.”

Wintel Tejeda, who lives across the street from the suspect’s house, said others helped and when Berry came out, they gave her a phone.

Official Site: The Gregory Brothers.

Additional video - Interview: Charles Ramsey: 'I am the definition of a man, bro... Her scream was so loud, children stopped playing.'

Dead Giveaway - Sarah's Version!

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