Friday, May 17, 2013

How to find Angie Miller's New Single "You Set Me Free" on iTunes.

Whoever handled posting Angie's new single "You Set Me Free" to iTunes made a major mistake and spelled her name wrong. Her new single is posted under "Angie Miler."

Major mistake which I'm sure has limited sales.

One way to find it is to only search for the song title:

iTunes - You Set Me Free - Angie Miller

Here's a direct link to Buy “You Set Me Free” on iTunes.

Preview “You Set Me Free” here:

Thanks Rickey

Bonus: Angie Miller - You Set Me Free - American Idol Homecoming - Beverly, MA

Now if you missed the final show, the best part was Angie singing with Adam Lambert and Jessie J. Watch it here. Really fun.

Bonus II: Angie Miller with Adam Lambert and Jessie J on American Idol Finale

American Idol Finale ~ Angie Miller, Adam... by HumanSlinky

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  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    This to me proves there was conspiracy on Idol to have Candice win - no one could find Angie song which is far superior to anything the female Reuben will do