Thursday, May 16, 2013

Live Streaming now Available on YouTube with Wirecast for YouTube

Wirecast for YouTube | Telestream

I'm a hand model. ;-)

YouTube has rolled out live streaming ability to everyone that has 1,000 or more followers.

There is new software from YouTube to help, made by my friends from Wirecast: Wirecast for YouTube.

This is different than the existing live streaming of G+ hangouts. Live features include multiple camera angles.

Note: Regular Wirecast Studio will also stream to YouTube, and the HDV option is a $99 upgrade.

Read more on the YouTube blog, WE’LL DO IT LIVE: YouTube live streaming expanding to more channels.

Learn more: Wirecast for YouTube Tutorials.

I'd love to try this out.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can activate live streaming.

Now at 768 subscribers, 232 to go. Thanks.

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