Saturday, February 28, 2015

I Am Not Spock, I Am Spock

Leonard Nimoy and the lasting dignity of being Spock.
Leonard Nimoy, who died Friday morning at 83 from obstructive pulmonary disease, also struggled for a while with the notion that no matter what else he did in his life and career (acting, directing, reciting “Desiderata”), he would always be Mr. Spock, the logically driven Vulcan he first played in the original “Star Trek” TV series nearly 50 years ago.

His first memoir was titled “I Am Not Spock.” Twenty years later (once the “Star Trek” movie franchise had validated his and his co-stars’ work and legitimized Trekdom for all) he wrote a second memoir, titled “I Am Spock.”
These books are going to get a lot more reads now.

Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy.

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