Friday, February 27, 2015

Meerkat: Tweet Live Video from an iPhone.

Meerkat. Tweet Live Video.

LAUNCH Ticker reports:

Twitter-centric live video streaming app Meerkat launches on iOS; when user begins streaming, Twitter followers are notified & can click/tap through to view; followers w/ Meerkat installed get push notifications & can chat w/ other watchers; videos can be saved to phone but are not preserved by app

Just tried this out.

Very easy to get started live streaming.

When you start a live stream, it tweets out a link to your followers for you.

Oh but look, when you chat from the Meerkat iPhone app, each chat message gets sent out as a tweet.

Hi. ;-)

The interface looks like this on my iPhone:

...and it looks like this to viewers watching on a browser.

There's a 21 second delay.

The image on my iPhone is a nice tall rectangle in portrait mode, but when looking at the stream in a browser, it's a square.


UPDATE - Asked on twitter and answered:

Your live stream does not get saved online, but you can save it to your camera roll.

Here's my live stream, uploaded to YouTube.

Audio here is not in sync. I wonder if the live stream was out of sync too.

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