Friday, February 06, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday – The Game

Heading into the game for Super Bowl Sunday where the Seattle Seahawks play the New England Patriots, was very exciting. As we entered the stadium and walk towards our seats the concourse was June packed with fans, many more Seahawks fans then patriots fans, and we had no idea how loud the crowd was going to get during the game.

We checked out a map of the stadium beforehand, and saw that we were going to be sitting in section 111, great seats. The game soon began. And the first quarter went by so fast we couldn't believe it when it was time for the second quarter.
Inside the stadium the crowd was electric, and the noise level was unbelievable, I've never been in the stadium so loud. We were told the Seahawks fans were loud, but this was the loudest I've ever heard a crowd. They had a chant, and it goes like this: Sea, Hawks, Sea, Hawks. Over and over again. Really loud.

Before we knew it the first half was winding down and the Patriots were ahead until at the very last minute, the Seahawks came back and tied the game going into halftime.

I took this opportunity to go to the restroom. In Boston, going to the restroom in stadiums has always been a fun challenge. Back in the old restrooms at Fenway Park, you'd go to the bathroom and what was something like a large horse trough, and when you couldn't go in front of other people that's called the Fenway freeze.

Well, in this restroom there were probably about 20 urinals all lined up and there  was about 10 guys waiting in line behind each one. While waiting, a really huge dude dressed up like some kind of monster screamed out SEA and hundred and 50 other guys in the restroom yelled back HAWKS. Over and over again.

Update: Found him while watching Inside the NFL.

Image: Courtesy Inside the NFL

I'm here. I was wearing my patriots T-shirt that said Gronking on the front of it and #gronking on the back. When it was my turn, and as time passed, the guys behind me started yelling what are you doing texting Gronk?, hurry up.

Oh man.

Back from this ordeal, it was time for the halftime show to start, and Katy Perry came out riding on top of a lion. Extremely impressive. Then the whole show went on and everybody in the crowd had a great time.

As you know, the second half was a back-and-forth battle, with ups and downs for both teams.

I purchased these in stadium headphones that allowed you to listen to the on-field announcer, or over the air broadcast, but the noise was so loud in the stadium that these headphones were almost useless.

Back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and-forth, it was fun sitting next to Seattle fans as the game changed.

Our friends held up there lucky Penny, to give Seattle some luck, and then as the tide turned, I held up my lucky $10 bill that I found, and the tide turned the Patriots way.

They got nervous when Tom Brady got the ball at the end of the game and drove in to score giving them the lead.

Then Seattle drove down and in the final seconds many miracles happen, and in the end, The Patriots won. It was one of the most exciting games in Super Bowl history, and we were so happy and excited to be there, and celebrate with the patriots as they got the Super Bowl trophy present been in the post game celebration.

Thanks again to GMC for bringing us to the game as their guests, and letting us share the experience with our followers on social media.

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