Friday, November 09, 2001

Remote Control.
This weekend, key Bush advisor Karl Rove will travel to Hollywood to discuss ways in which the entertainment community can help America during these stressful times. Specifically, the Bush administration would like Hollywood to produce more material that depicts positive values such as patriotism, courage and tolerance (this apparently would require a departure from the slightly more popular topics honed during years of viewer studies; sex, violence and more sex).

What's next, President Bush standing behind a camera shouting "Let's roll 'em!"?

In the meantime, here are a few of the new wartime slash feel-good slash tolerant shows being pondered as Spring
season replacements:

Rumsfeld - A Seinfeld-like show featuring Secretary Rumsfeld and his zany friends.
In this case, the show is actually about 'something', they just can't tell us what.

Buffy the Vampire Mediator

Just Shoot Me - Similar to the current show except most of the parts are played by Al Qaeda
operatives (David Spade stays on in his current role).

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