Friday, November 30, 2001

Temptation Island 2 - 11/29/01 Review
Temptation Island 2 is one of my favorite TV shows. Last night I laughed with joy as that chick who has already decided that she wants to stay with her boyfriend started yelling at everyone to stop saying bad things about that boyfriend. Yelling is good.

There was a big conflict among the girls as to which boy should be sent home. More yelling. Nice.

Edmundo rocks. He started off on the chair sitting next to that blonde who really likes him. He was kinda tired so he moved over to the bed. She felt a little sleepy too, so she decided to take a rest on the same bed. They talked. He touched her and she moved closer. He squeezed her butt. She squeezed his arm. They drew closer and they kissed. They say they're confused but it doesn't look that way to me.

Next week one of the guys will get a video from his girlfriend that is not appropriate to view in a group. So in the coming attractions, the three other guys leave, and surprise, that yelling chick shows up to talk to him face to face. I wonder if she'll yell at him. It'll be funny if she tells him that she is all done with the show and feels that he is the one for her and that she wants to go home, and then finds out that he wants to stay because he is having too good a time with a girl who lets him control the situation, and that he wants to go on the big final date with her. I hope she yells. That'll be cool.

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