Tuesday, November 27, 2001

High School Terrorists.
After the killing spree, investigators said, the suspects allegedly planned to rendezvous on the school roof, ''party'' with drugs and alcohol, and then take each other's lives with gunshots to the face.

In Jones's bedroom, writings on the wall contained the phrases, ''I hate the world,'' ''Everyone must die,'' and ''Kill everyone,'' according to police reports.

Yesterday, Jones's mother, Susan St. Hilaire, continued to portray the charges as a misunderstanding that has targeted ''great kids.'' Carol McKeehan, the mother of the other two suspects charged, shook her head when asked if she believed her children were guilty.
Hello? Shook her head which way? Up and down or right to left? I'm betting on right to left because she probably had no clue what her kids were up to.

In a message dated 11/27/01 3:39:21 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Shaking one's head is right to left, by my view. Nodding would be up and
> down, at least in New Bedford.

My response:
Not in Albania.
Some Albanian characteristics and mannerisms resemble those of the mainland Greeks, most notably in the more rural areas; for instance, a nod of the head means 'no' and shaking one's head means 'yes'.

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