Friday, November 09, 2001

The Animoller Website.
Then the woman proceeded to tell me how there were tasmanian devils in New Zealand, along with some variety of extinct huge dog with a head like an alligator.

I gave her a slight look of disdain, and tried to explain that a) there are no native mammals in New Zealand, b) tasmanian devils are in Tasmania, c) Tasmania is in Australia, not New Zealand, d) Australia and New Zealand are different countries. The woman then argued with me, saying that she saw it on TV.

Hello? I'm from New Zealand! It's not like there's a chance you might be right and I might be wrong.
Ani's #1 this month, on phome's list of The World's 10 Best Web Sites!

She also won Top On-line Personality in the The NZ Internet Awards for 2001.

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