Saturday, November 24, 2001

So I was watching MTV yesterday morning with my mother. The Real World was on and she got hooked. She thought that MTV just played music videos. She says, "It's like we're getting a look into these people's private lives. Is this real?" My wife yells in, "No, It's not real."

We went into the heart of Boston and did some shopping to support the economy and while we were down there we took a break to get some Jordan Marsh Blueberry muffins. They are the best. Jordan Marsh isn't around any more, but the guy who made their muffins is. He has a bakery on the South Shore and ships fresh muffins up to a coffee shop between Filene's and Macy's. Some people have posted versions of the recipe here and here and here and here.

At home, I watched the making of O-Town on MTV. It doesn't matter whose lives they show me about, I just keep watching. At 8:30 I switched over to VH1 for the pre-show to the Live On-Tape U2 concert. VH1 was showing U2: Legend. Great story. That was followed by U2's Boston concert. Now that's a band! I recently said that J.Lo beat out Britney, U2 has it all over them by 1,000 times. It's clear that they are one of the greatest rock bands ever. That crowd had a super time.

Some of the concert footage reminded me of when I saw Bruce Springsteen in Atlanta at the Omni. He had every single person in that stadium pumping their fists in unison.

Rock on!

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