Wednesday, October 02, 2002

The Bachelor - Bachelorette Bio - Gwen
You think the bachelor has a hard choice? What about the choice between The West Wing, The Amazing Race 2 and The Bachelor?

I really enjoyed last week's episode of the West Wing. It was 2 hours long and I taped it. Then it took me 5 days to get through the whole thing. I tuned in tonight, but then flipped over to the other two shows to see what was going on.

So over on The Bachelor, all the girls were getting out of a limo to meet the guy. One by one they walked over and said hi. It was like watching a beauty contest without the contestants from Rhode Island and Vermont!

Over on The Amazing Race, the teams were running around Mexico, jumping out of planes and driving around with no clue of which direction to go! You have your overweight bald guys, your male models, your brother sister team, and an old team that seems pretty smart and not that out of shape either. This show is worth watching just to see all the locations they travel to and better yet, to see the teams fight with each other over what to do next. Leaving all your luggage in a taxi in the middle of Mexico didn't seems like hte brightest thing to do.

Back to the Bachelor, the girls were all nervous about who would be chosen. It was really great. After they chose the winners, I loved it when one girl said she was so happy that she wasn't chosen. Even better though were the coming attractions for next week showing all kinds of make out and hot tub sessions.

If I had to choose one right now it would have to be Gwen. I'll be tuned in next week to see what happens.

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