Saturday, October 12, 2002 Arts & Entertainment | "The Transporter"
We get him, in the movie's coolest scene, tangling with a pack of bad guys on the floor of a bus garage soaked with fresh oil, so nobody can stand up for more than a second (until Frank gets a pair of those mechanic's cleats on his feet, that is). We get him sledding down a mountain highway on the severed cab door of a semi-truck.
Maybe I didn't see the exact same version of this movie as the Salon reviewer. Maybe I did. In the version I saw, Frank doesn't put mechanic's cleats on his feet, he rips off the bicycle pedals and wears them on his feet! I don't even think mechanic's wear cleats, aren't they for baseball and football players?

As for the guy who rides a severed car door down a highway, It's not Frank on the door, but one of the thousands of bad guys.

The movie did seems serious, but at times you just had to laugh at the slapstick fight scenes.

This is not one of my favorite Luc Besson movies. I loved The Professional, La femme Nikita and The 5th Element. This movie is not like any of those.

It is fun though, for a Saturday afternoon.

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