Sunday, October 27, 2002

Leviton Trimatron Rotary Dimmers
Replacing a Push On/Off Dimmer Switch should be easy.

According to the instructions,
Connect wires per appropriate WIRING DIAGRAM as follows: Twist strands of each lead tightly together and, with circuit conductors, push firmly into appropriate wire connector.
Sounds reasonable, until you look at the wiring diagram which shows a BLACK and a WHITE wire coming out of the dimmer switch.

Funny, mine has TWO BLACK WIRES coming out of it

After consulting the neighborhood expert on the subject, I followed the existing installation and attached the RIGHT and LEFT wires where they were connected to the old dimmer switch.

I ran down to the basement, with This Old House anticipation, to turn the power back on.

When I returned up stairs, I pushed in the dimmer switch and the lights went on.


Now we have to clean the light. It looks dusty.

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