Saturday, October 19, 2002

The Hebrew Hammer - The First Jewish Kung-Fu Movie.
"We usually don't serve your kind," snarled a mealy-faced skinhead behind the bar. The Jewish fellow, adorned in a long leather coat, prayer shawl, gold Star of David and black fedora, ignored the comment and asked for a drink: "Manischewitz, straight up." As the bartender turned briefly away, the Jewish man grabbed the liquor bottle, smashed it across the skinhead's skull, and turned with a sneer to the roomful of customers.
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The Hebrew Hammer - Photos.

Yahoo Info - Good stuff here.
Goldberg told "The New York Observer", for example, that his favorite line in the script was "Shabbat shalom, m*****f*****s!".
This movie has nothing to do with Moti Horenstein-The Hebrew Hammer.

Based on this 5 minute short film.

New York Observer Article
On a recent Sunday, actor Peter Coyote stood behind the bench in the imposing, faux-marble-columned Brooklyn Surrogate Court and yelled in phlegmy Yiddish tones, "Sheket B’vakasha! Sheket B’vakasha!"

Nearly 20 men dressed in yarmulkes, payess and prayer shawls threw their fists in the air and shouted "Hey!" before heeding Mr. Coyote’s call for quiet.
Oy Vey!

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