Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Google Answers.
I would like to know a name of a painting that hangs (or use too!) in the Sydney Opera House. I saw it when I took a tour of the Opera House in 1986. The painting was fairly large (12 ft x 12 ft) mostly blue (like the ocean) with splashes of color. Abstract (not literal) painting. If I recall correctly (I don't want to give you wrong information with my fuzzy memory) the painting was based on a poem. And the poem was about a man who partying on a boat in the harbor and fell overboard and the poem (and painting) reflects what he saw underwater - the blurry lights of the city, the underside of the boat, empty bottles of wine, glasses. It is a beautiful painting. Any information would be really helpful! Thank you!
I'm getting kinda hooked on Google Answers. People pay to get their questions answered, and the resulting answers are free for anyone to look at.

I enjoyed reading the answer to this one and following the link to a Virtual Tour of the Sydney Opera House.

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