Monday, October 14, 2002

I'm Site du Jour of the Day!
Welcome to readers of Edward J. Pelegrino's Site du Jour of the Day.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks Edward for choosing Off On A Tangent as your your site du jour of the day! I love that title, even though you're featuring sites weekly now! That just makes it more special!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank my wife for ignoring me while I spend all my time on the web looking for good sites to post here. Enjoy the site and come back often.
Off On A Tangent: Hot Girls, Cold Beer, Fresh Links is a Weblog that explores general interest topics and sites along with other things that give Creepy Steve a thrill. Those things include photography, popular culture, computers, and as the title proudly exclaims — Hot Girls and Cold Beer. In reality, the girls and women are hot in the context that they have had recent media attention although some are pretty darn foxy at times.

Creepy Steve doesn't turn up all of this by himself, a featured Site du Jour of the Day has been known to show up occasionally but that is part of the charm. For the most part, credit is given where it is due, that makes for a nice launching point. If you like what Creepy Steve has opted to reprint, you'll probably dig the original publication and the pointers to those sites are provided. The majority of what is at Off On A Tangent: Hot Girls, Cold Beer, Fresh Links has been turned up by Creepy Steve and that is nice.

One of the few sites I visit several times a week, Off On A Tangent: Hot Girls, Cold Beer, Fresh Links could become a favorite for you.
If you have some free time, there's a lot of good stuff in the archives too.

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