Sunday, October 27, 2002

I Guess You Need To Learn Piano On The Web These Days
Clinton Clark teaches you piano at

Too bad Jump! Music's Piano Discovery system has been discontinued.

I just found my old version, of Jump! Music's Piano Discovery system, in my basement and hooked it up to a very old PC.

The PC needed to have Windows 95 re-installed. I had the disk for that, and it installed nicely, but stopped and asked me for a serial # from my Certificate of Authenticity for Windows 95.

What! It's seven years later and Microsoft still wants my serial #? I bet if I installed DOS 1.0 it would require a serial # now.

Luckily, I had the certificate filed away in a folder, next to my grade school report cards, and completed the install.

Then I needed to hook the keyboard up to the MIDI port of the PC. Short version of the story; the MIDI IN and OUT on the Keyboard need to be connected to the MIDI OUT and IN cable on the MIDI cable.


Now I've completed Lesson One and can play Ode To Joy!

Oh Joy.

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