Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Quick, Get Over Here!
Yesterday my neighbor saw me coming home and yelled, "Quick, Get over here!"

I was an urgent call for help. So I rushed over, she was on her front steps.

She said, "Have you ever seen anything like it? It's huge. It's the biggest Praying Mantis I've ever seen."

"Too bad you don't have your camera."

I replied, "But I do have it right here."

S/he was pretty calm about me taking pictures of her. So was the Praying Mantis. Ha Ha.

Next thing you know my mother-in-law comes out of our house and asks, "What is going on over here?"

I informed her that our neighbor had seen the largest Praying Mantis ever and was alerting the media.

She asked me if I was going to kill it.

"Kill it? I say live and let live. What harm can a little praying mantis do?"

Turns out, a Praying Mantis is a good thing to have around the yard. Some people even buy them for their yards.

But beware, a Praying Mantis can kill.

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