Friday, October 25, 2002
Remember when Amazon was offering a $50 rebate on Mac OS X Jaguar?

If you ordered it early enough, you we entitled to a rebate.

I was thinking about it the other day and realized that I never got my $50.

So I went over to to get the status of my request.

There was an error in processing my rebate!

A letter was in the mail to me, but I never got it.

Turns out they were waiting for me to send in a UPC code for OS X. The problem is that I didn't get a UPC code with my copy of OS X. There wasn't one on my box. Was there one on yours?

After too many email exchanges to recount here, I requested that a supervisor contact me to straighten things out.

Here's a sample email I got from them:
Thank you for sending your rebate enquiry . I am showing that you have a rebate request in our system with an invalid error code {text here}.
My advice to you, go to and check on your status.

I'd imagine that they have 1,000's of Mac OS X Jaguar rebates sitting there with an error code of {text here}.

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