Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Racoons Eat Squirrels

Commonwealth Wildlife Control was here to reset the squirrel trap and set up a racoon trap.

Turns out that racoons eat squirrels.

Bill, the trapper, says that you don't want racoons. They are worse than squirrels!

Bill took the time to point out where the traps were all set and where all the squirrel urine is running down the side of the house. Bill says that squirrel urine will rot up my clapboards.

He then went on to tell me about the breeding habits of squirrels and how they have babies in April. The squirrels are now building their nests out of anything they can find including insulation to power lines. That's bad because if they eat through the insulation, a fire could start and your whole house could burn down.

How do you kill grey squirrels?
We'd like to see them captured in a live capture trap then humanely killed by a gun or a blow to the head
Die! Squirrels Die!

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