Monday, March 29, 2004

Steve Garfield's Google Search

Google Personalized Search.
Google Personalized web search delivers custom search results that are based on a profile you create describing your interests. Your results can be instantly rearranged by dragging a slider at the top of the page to go from no personalization to full personalization or anywhere in between.
My interests are:
Movies, TV, Photography, Radio, Television, Arts and Entertainment, Automotive, E_Commerce, Food, Investing, Internet, Multimedia, Mental Health, Cooking, Gardens, Home Improvement, Personal Finance, Pop, Rock, New Age, Parody/Humor, News, Autos, and Technology.
And I enjoy long walks on the beach. ;-)

D'oh! Just got this message:
Sorry, Google Personalized does not currently support Safari.
Safari browser doesn't work with Google Personalized Search. :-(

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