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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

More on The DaVinci Code: Uncover the Code Contest

Here's one of the questions:
What enigmatic sculpture stands one degree north of 37 degrees, 57 minutes, and 65 seconds North by 77 degrees, 8 minutes, and 44 seconds West.
Here's the answer:
You will notice that “one degree north” puts the location substantially further north of Richmond. Further, there can only be 60 minutes, which means that there cannot be 65! After you look at your dust jacket you will see a decimal point between the 6 and the 5. So the location you are looking for is at 38°, 57’, 6.5” north latitude; and 77°, 8’, 44” west longitude.

This is the location of the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. The statue you’re looking for is called Kryptos, and it stands in the courtyard. It’s weird, being a piece of metal with letters on it, in code – the workers there spend their time trying to decode the thing, but supposedly nobody ever has. I’m sure you can find more info on that statue online, but I am not inclined to spend any more time on this matter, so at this point you are on your own.
The Story behind “Kryptos”.

Elonka's Kryptos Page.

Cult of Dan Brown.

Matt Thornton has the answers.
The DaVinci Code at

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