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Saturday, March 20, 2004

10 oz Pilsner Beer glasses piss me off!

John Harvard
John Harvard's Brewhouse
Framingham, MA

Dear John,
You disappoint me.

I went to your John Harvard's Brewhouse restaurant in Framingham on Friday. When I took a look at your beer menu, I was excited to see that you had a Belgian beer on the list.

Belgian beer is THE BEST. I found that out on a trip there a few years ago.

I happily ordered the Belgian beer and my friend Rick got one too.

A while later the beers were delivered and I was terribly disappointed. I only got a 10 oz beer served in a 10 oz pilsner glass.

I HATE those glasses!

I expected to get a PINT.

All your other beers are served in PINT glasses.

What happened?

I suggest that you do something to fix this right away.

Choose one:

1. Inform your wait staff to tell customers that the Belgian Beer is served in 10 oz Pilsner glasses and not the standard PINT glasses.

2. Start serving the Belgian beer in PINT glasses like all the other beers and adjust the price accordingly.

3. Serve the Belgian beer in a special glass to differentiate it from all your other beers. That's how they do it in Belgium where each brand of beer has it's own glass.

Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter.

Beer Collections: Glassware.

iGlassware tells the bartender when you need a refill.

UPDATE: John Harvard's Responds
Mr. Garfield,
I'm sorry to hear that you were disappointed by the glassware in Framingham
recently. The beer in question is 10-11% alc/vol and should be treated with
some caution, hence the smaller glass. While the glass itself my be
objectionable, the serving size would remain the same in any case.
I will look into the availability of other glassware for special beers in
the future.

Thank you,
Tim Morse
VP Brewing Operations

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