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Friday, March 12, 2004

Television Tropes, Idioms, and Devices

A catalogue of the tricks of the trade for writing television scripts.

Check out The Scream:
A character finds something out or hurts themselves and screams. To show that this is the loudest scream ever, cut to a shot of the surrounding area with the audio of the scream still going, then to the countryside (where it might disturb livestock or a farmer), and possibly further back to a shot of Earth from space all the while with the scream still looped in the background.

If on planet Earth, The Scream must cause birds to burst from the brush in a panic.
Ravi, since each entry on the site is a WikiWord, you've got to add The Spit Take, which was popularised on your web only sitcom Three Abreast.
via [ Metafilter ]

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