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Friday, March 26, 2004

Murder at Jamaica Pond

"Hey Toine, come on back. We gotta go!"

Twoine keeps walking away from her as he looks towards the water. He's got a large rock in his hand.

"Toine! We gotta go. The car is back that way."Toine shoots her a look over his shoulder that says he'll do whatever he wants and edges quietly towards the water.

Toine has his eyes focused on the two ducks swimming in front of him.

He raises his arm while the ducks happily swim around, not knowing what it about to happen.

Toine pulls back quickly and fires the rock directly at one of the ducks.

The rocks misses and the two ducks alight from the water and quack noisily away from the danger that is Twoine.

Twoine turns to walk back to the car with the girls.

At this point I step in. I walk between Toine and the girls.

"Hey Toine," I say motioning with my hands at my chest, "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?"

Toine looks at me with a crooked smile.

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