Friday, April 15, 2005

Bahamas - Wikitravel

At last night's Berman Internet meeting, Lisa Williams talked about Blogs and Citizen Journalism.

In addition to her presentation, which was very informative and enjoyable, we had presentations from Now Public, WikiNews.

These are two news sites where YOU can write the news

And with WikiNews, unlike the Boston Globe and Boston Herald, if you find errors in their online stores, you can go in and change them.

Also mentioned was WikiTravel. Since I just got back for a vacation in the Bahamas, I took a look at the Bahamas entry and edited it to include som new information.

Bahamas - Wikitravel
By plane

Residents of the United States can use a United States official Birth Certificate to enter the Bahamas without a passport.

United States Customs is located in the airport, so leave extra time to clear customs when leaving the country.

They used to require visitors to pay a $15 per person departure tax in cash, but now it's included in the cost of the ticket.
I'm working on a video from the trip, which I'm going to put up on my video blog as an episode of The Carol and Steve Show. I had planned on putting this information on my video blog post, but am happy to also include over on WikiTravel where more people will probably end up seeing it.

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