Friday, April 15, 2005

Vlogs are an exciting new development

Josh Leo talks about the exciting world of videoblogging: Vlog = Veracious Logos: Vlog on Vlog.

He got a lot of comments on this video.

I left one too:
So I went away on vacation, came back to over 900 unread emails and over a thousand unread blog posts.

I spent a bunch of time trying to get through it all.

I realized that being outside on vacation is better than sitting in front of a computer reading blogs.

I think I subscribe to too many. Bloglines makes it too easy to add another blog to my subscription list.

Videos on the otherhand are still a somewhat of a manageable level. It's going to get to a point really soon where we'll need to have a better way of sorting through it all.

So I just saw this video and loved it. Very nice job editing and it's great to show people how something other than a talking head video is entertaining.

If you liked Carol and Steve go skiing, stay tuned for Carol and Steve on vacation.

It's gonna be sooo good, as soon as I stop reading blogs nad watching videos, and start editing it.

Now I'm at the point where I want to get it posted but also want to try and spend some quality time editing it.

See you in ANT.

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