Sunday, April 24, 2005

Jetson Picture Telephone Circa 1984

Back in 1984 I added this drawing of a Jetson Picture Telephone to an idea book I used to have.

At that time programs like iChat AV, AIM Video IM, or Yahoo! Messenger were not available. The only video teleconferencing that was going on was in big corporations.

I thought it wold be cool if people in their home could use a simple interface like a Nintendo system with a connected telephone line and video camera to allow people to talk to each other.

I even went as far as writing up my proposal and sending it into one of the large videoconferencing companies.

They probably never pursued it because they were making so much money on their large videoconferencing systems.

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  1. the ideas have been floating around.
    looks like we're helping to make it happen.
    one video at a time.