Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Take the stairs

My mother-in-law fell and fractured her pelvis.

Ouch, That hurt.

So she's in a rehab hospital now and I went to visit her this morning.

The physical therapist told me that my mother-in-law was somewhat confused when they were telling her not to use both handrails when practicing going up stairs on the special physical therapy staircase.

They've got two rails on there, but the physical therapist has to tell the old people not to use both at the same time because they won't have two rails on stairs when they leave the rehab.

I innocently asked, "So why have two railings? Why not remove one?"

The thearapist replied, "I'm just an indian, not a chief."

I hate that type of response. Hate it!

That's the same kind of response as, "We've always done it that way."

So I told my wife Carol about this exchange.

She asked, "Why don't they just take her outside to use a real set of stairs?"

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