Monday, April 04, 2005

That's Not Right: TurboTax 'Return Accepted' Email

Continuing my saga of the poor design of this year's TurboTax program, I just got an email informing me that a federal tax return, that I sent in electronically, has been accepted.

They don't address the email to me by name, so it would be pretty confusing if I'd send in more than one return already.

Here's what they say:
Subject: Federal Tax Return Accepted
Date: April 3, 2005 4:07:49 PM EDT
To: undisclosed-recipients: ;

Dear TurboTax Customer:

Congratulations! Your federal tax return has been accepted.

If you e-filed your state return, you will receive a separate e-mail about the status of that return

Follow these steps to complete the electronic filing process and print the paperwork you will need:

TurboTax desktop users:

1. Open your TurboTax program.

2. Go to the TurboTax Welcome Page and select Check E-File Status Now.

TurboTax for the Web users:

1. Log on to TurboTax with your member ID and password.

2. On the Welcome Back screen, select Complete My Return.

All users

3. Confirm that your return was accepted.

4. Follow the instructions to print any follow-up paperwork required.

5. Print a copy of your return for your records.

Thank you for using TurboTax!

Please note: This e-mail was automatically generated. Please do not respond to this e-mail address; it is used only by our automated alert systems and is not monitored for responses.
This year I'm both a web AND desktop user since I used that free file program on the web for my mother-in-law.

Certainly they should be able to send me an email with my name in it that includes the version of TurbTax I used to file the return that they are talking about.

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